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Reps. Miranda, Kelly introduce the Child Access Prevention Tax Credit Act

Pro-business bill will incentivize safe gun storage
April 20, 2021
Brigid Kelly News

COLUMBUS –State Reps. Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) and Brigid Kelly (D-Cincinnati) Monday introduced the Child Access Prevention Tax Credit Act, which incentivizes safe gun storage in a household with minors present. This legislation will be similar to House Bill (HB) 240 of the 133rd General Assembly, however with an important update to include a tax credit for the purchase of a safe storage unit, making the bill pro-business and similar to bipartisan federal legislation.

“Our country has been hurting lately as our communities face the tragedies caused by senseless gun violence,” said Rep. Miranda. “It’s beyond clear that we have an obligation to address this, and I’m proud to put forward a commonsense proposal that will save lives in Ohio while respecting the rights of responsible guns owners. ”

“Instances of children accessing firearms that are not safely stored are far too common. This bill is an important step to ensuring that Ohio’s children are safe from accidental firearm injuries or deaths,” said Rep. Kelly. “We can and must do better to enact commonsense measures to help keep our children safe.” 

Specifically, the bill would do the following:

-Prohibit negligent storage of a firearm and provide criminal penalties if a minor gains access to an improperly stored firearm (fourth degree felony to the parent or guardian if the firearm causes serious physical harm, third degree felony if the firearm causes death);
-Authorize an income tax credit for the purchase of firearms safety storage units which are defined to include a safe, case, lock box, or other device that is designed to store firearms securely;
-The tax credit is 20 percent of the purchase price of any firearms safety storage unit during a given taxable year.

Not only would this gun safety legislation ensure firearms are stored safely and securely out of reach of minors, it would also protect victims of domestic violence, a problem on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation now awaits a bill number and committee assignment.