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Rep. Kelly testifies on bipartisan bill to allow motor fuel quality testing

Says consumer protection bill will improve the lives and livelihoods of Ohioans across the state
March 16, 2021
Brigid Kelly News

COLUMBUS - State Rep. Brigid Kelly (D-Cincinnati) today testified on House Bill (HB) 144, her bipartisan legislation with joint sponsor Rep. Thomas Hall (R-Lima) that would authorize permissive motor fuel quality testing in Ohio. This would allow county auditors and the Department of Agriculture to test for octane levels, sediment, and water levels in fuel. 

“At its core, this is an issue of consumer protection and safety,” said Rep. Kelly. “Ohioans deserve to know they are getting what they pay for at the pump. Contaminated gas can cause serious damage to vehicles and can cost thousands of dollars to fix.”

Ohio is one of just three states, the others being Alaska and Nebraska, that do not currently test for fuel quality. Cuyahoga and Summit counties already test for fuel quality based on local governance.

HB 144 awaits further hearings in the Ohio House Transportation and Public Safety Committee.