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Baldridge's Bills Move through Committee Process

December 2, 2020
Brian Baldridge News

COLUMBUS – Two bills sponsored by State Representative Brian Baldridge (R-Winchester) passed out of House and Senate Committees this week.

House Bill 328 passed out of the House Commerce and Labor Committee yesterday with unanimous support. The legislation would revise current law to increase safety for Ohio firefighters training by eliminating the use of the harmful chemical PFAS in firefighter training.

“PFAS is a combination of certain chemical compounds that can greatly assist in the extinguishing of certain fires. However, the continued use of and exposure to such a firefighting foam that contains PFAS has been linked to multiple adverse effects on a person’s health, including but not limited to cancer,” noted Baldridge. “Since training is the setting in which a firefighter will be more exposed to PFAS, this legislation will prohibit the use of foam that contains PFAS for training purposes.”

House Bill 328 is a responsive and responsible approach to increase the safety of our brave men and women who risk their safety to protect our own. It now awaits consideration on the House floor.

House Bill 368 passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee today, also with unanimous support. Also known as the Ohio Computer Crimes Act, would reduce the frequency of cyber-crimes by updating and modernizing Ohio’s computer crimes laws.

Prosecution of cybercriminals at the county level is a challenge because current Ohio law is damages-based, meaning the value of the impacted computer-related items determines the severity of the penalty. House Bill 368 would recognize new categories of cybercrimes and would extend a variety of stricter charges for prosecutors to purse.

Baldridge continued, “As highlighted throughout COVID-19, bad actors will use a crisis as an opportunity to invade our privacy and steal our information. This legislation has been crafted in conjunction with many interested parties to slow on the onslaught of cybercrimes that are so prevalent today. As technology continues to evolve, we need the Ohio Revised Code to continue to protect Ohioans online.”

House Bill 368 is a protective bill to all Ohioans who utilize online resources. It now waits consideration on the Senate floor.


For more information, contact Representative Baldridge’s office at 614-466-2124 or