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Baldridge Issues Statement on Commercial Liability Partners and Killen Power Plant Decommissioning

July 26, 2021
Brian Baldridge News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Brian Baldridge (R-Winchester) today issued the following statement vowing to keep tabs on Commercial Liability Partners and the Killen Power Plant decommissioning:

“I have serious concerns around how Commercial Liability Partners is handling the decommissioning of the Killen Power Plant and am requesting that the Ohio EPA open a formal inquiry into these activities. 

“I am working closely with the EPA and am in full support of the Adams County Regional Water District to be an advocate for the health and welfare of our county. We are a community of great local leaders and I look forward to leveraging those resources to protect the citizens of this area.

“For decades, Adams County was integral to the energy generation that powered our region. Now our citizens deserve to know, with certainty, that what is left in the wake of these retired plants will not be a danger to them and their families.

“Commercial Liability Partners owes it to us to be a good steward of our environment and our waterways. I will fight to ensure that what all our county has contributed to power generation will be returned through the responsible and thoughtful closing of these plants.”