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Legislation to Help Provide Advocates to Vulnerable Patients Passed Out of House Health Provider Services Committee

June 4, 2024
Beth Liston News

COLUMBUS - State Rep. Beth Liston (D-Dublin) today announced House Bill (HB) 236 was voted out of the House Health Provider Services Committee. This bill ensures that all patients can have a chosen advocate when they are in a hospital or congregate care setting.

“Everyone deserves to have a loved one or advocate with them when they are sick and vulnerable. This bill makes sure people maintain that right,” said Rep. Liston

The bill also has protections to make sure that the advocate is only keeping the best intentions of the patients at heart; nothing will be forced on the patient, and the patient can change advocates at any point during their care. There are also provisions in case of abuse or harm of the patient. The goal of the bill is to make sure that the patient receives the best possible care and is never forced to be alone in health settings.

The bill will now be awaiting a vote on the House floor.