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Vitale's Veterans Exemption Payment Act Passes 98-0

House Bill 18 would fix inconsistency in the Ohio tax code
March 28, 2019
A. Nino Vitale News

COLUMBUS—State Representative Nino Vitale’s (R-Urbana) Ohio Veteran’s Exemption Payment Act (OVEP) passed unanimously out of the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 27th. Inspired by Champaign county native, Catholic priest, and Air Force Veteran, Fr. Matthew Lee, House Bill 18 would fix an inconsistency in the Ohio tax code and make a significant difference in the lives of Ohio’s disabled veterans. 

“This bill’s purpose is simple,” said Rep. Vitale. “House bill 18 would ensure that all of our honorable discharged, injured, veterans’ retirement payments are treated the same in the state of Ohio, regardless of how their benefits are calculated.” 

This legislation mirrors federal statute by offering veterans who have paid state income tax on their disability severance payments, a one-time, retroactive tax credit, going back as far as January 17, 1991. 

Additionally, House Bill 18 provides veterans a two-year period during which they can claim the retroactive credit. 

Representative Vitale and joint-sponsor Representative Crawley (D-Columbus), stated on the House Floor that the sole purpose of this bi-partisan legislation is giving back to those who have given everything for others. 

“Let’s not have Ohio be a state that taxes veterans who were injured while serving our great state and our great nation,” said Rep. Vitale. “It’s all about the vets.” 

House Bill 18 is headed to the Ohio Senate unopposed with the support of the Central Ohio Defense Group, The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), and the Military Order of the Purple Heart.