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Rep. Vitale Passes The Ohio Paycheck Act

June 17, 2019
A. Nino Vitale News

COLUMBUS—State Representative Nino Vitale’s (R-Urbana) Paycheck Bill passed 94-2 out of the Ohio House of Representatives. House Bill 137 would require all of Ohio’s employers to provide their employees with a paycheck during each regular pay period.

“I stand before you today as someone who’s spent many of their days as an employee, but now, as an employer as well” said Vitale. “…When the two, the business and the laborer, agree to work with each other, the terms of that agreement are spelled out on a regular basis on something we all know as ‘the paycheck.’”

This legislation was inspired by a constituent of joint-sponsor Representative Brigid Kelly (D-


“I feel it is not only critical, but essential to provide an employee a regular written summary of this working agreement,” said Vitale. “Sadly, in a very small amount of cases, there are a few employers who have maybe willingly or unwillingly, incorrectly compensated an employee.”

This bill would ensure that every Ohioan has an accessible record of their income.

“The comments I received most while talking about this bill to the business community were, “you mean Ohio doesn’t require us to give employees paychecks?,” said Vitale. “As you can imagine, all were in favor of this bill and felt it was the absolute right thing to do.”

House Bill 137 is headed to the Ohio Senate unopposed.


For more information, contact Rep. Vitale’s office at 614.466.1507 or