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Rep. Vitale Named Chairman of Energy and Natural Resources

February 11, 2019
A. Nino Vitale News

State Representative Nino Vitale, (R-Urbana) has been named the chairman of a second committee, Ohio Energy and Natural Resources by Speaker of the House Larry Householder, (R-Glenford). 

“This committee is one of the busiest and largest committees,” said Rep. Vitale. “Energy policy in Ohio is important to all Ohioans, whether one is wealthy or living pay check to paycheck. We all depend on energy. From oil and gas to electricity generation and transmission, these areas have a direct impact on our daily lives.” 

The Energy and Natural Resources Committee is made up of 13 total members from the Ohio House of Representatives. As the committee chair, Representative Vitale will be helping to lead a team that affects core economic and industrial activities in Ohio. In addition to energy, the committee will also be handling a number of Ohio natural resource issues including: hunting, fishing, forestry, and Ohio’s public parks and recreational areas. 

“Our quality of life is one of the primary assets that attracts businesses and families to Ohio. Our parks and recreations, our forestry, and our great bodies of water are just a few of the many natural resources that not only draw people to Ohio, but generate income and jobs for our state,” said Rep. Vitale. “Although we may not think of them this way, our natural resources are both recreational and economic. We have a fabulous park and recreations area right here in my district, at Indian Lake. We must not overlook the enormous contributions that our parks and our natural resources provide to the people of Ohio.” 

Representative Vitale was also named Chair of the Government Oversight Committee, more commonly recognized as the Sunset Committee. He will also be a member of the Public Utilities and the Economic and Workforce Development committees.