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Public Health Policy Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. J. R. No. 4 CA: Protect individuals from being compelled to wear a mask
H. B. No. 15 Revise informed consent law regarding abortions
H. B. No. 89 Regards intimate examination of anesthetized, unconscious patient
H. B. No. 92 Enact Save Ohio Safe Rx Act
H. B. No. 104 Regards surgical smoke
H. B. No. 109 Revise the law governing newborn safety incubators
H. B. No. 207 Designate regulatory responsibilities for special use pools
H. B. No. 220 Prohibit certain conversion therapy for minors
H. B. No. 246 Regards self-directed Medicaid services
H. B. No. 337 Recognize Prader-Willi syndrome as a developmental disability
H. B. No. 343 Enact the Reproductive Care Act
H. B. No. 356 Enact the Healthy Cardiac Monitoring Act
H. B. No. 388 Regards enforcement of Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule
H. B. No. 502 Protect assisted reproduction care
H. B. No. 538 Designate Lupus Awareness Month
H. B. No. 588 Regards drug reimbursements made to 340B covered entities
H. B. No. 601 Designate World Doula Day
H. B. No. 602 Exempt home education groups from child care, zoning regulations
H. B. No. 617 Protect individuals from being compelled to wear a mask
H. B. No. 633 Regards type 1 diabetes information for parents