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Criminal Justice Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 20 Enact the Ohio Computer Crimes Act
H. B. No. 44 Require electronic recordings of parole board hearings
H. B. No. 67 Regards subsequent reduction in penalties for prior offenders
H. B. No. 83 Remove criminal penalties for certain drug offenses
H. B. No. 91 Prohibit installing tracking device or app without consent
S. B. No. 100 Prohibit installing tracking device or app without consent
S. B. No. 109 Regards sex offenses, State Medical Board regulated persons
H. B. No. 110 Regards the sale of used catalytic converters
H. B. No. 124 Eliminate period of limitation - rape prosecution or civil action
H. B. No. 143 Enact the Ohio Safe Homes Act
H. B. No. 148 Require sexual motivation for criminal child enticement offense
H. B. No. 196 Change maximum periods of community control sanctions
H. B. No. 221 Expand postconviction relief for DNA showing actual innocence
H. B. No. 233 Enact the Self-Defense Protection Act
H. B. No. 245 Prohibits certain adult cabaret performances
H. B. No. 255 Regards massage establishments and nontherapeutic massage
H. B. No. 270 Enact the Sam Knisley Family Support Act
H. B. No. 295 Enact the Innocence Act
H. B. No. 314 Regards juvenile court transfer to juvenile's home county
H. B. No. 325 Require correctional facilities to provide teletypewriter access
H. B. No. 346 Create offense - manufacture, purchase, or sale of an auto sear
H. B. No. 351 Prohibit abuse of a companion animal corpse
H. B. No. 377 Enact Human Trafficking Prevention Act
H. B. No. 401 Create the offense of nonconsensual distribution of a deepfake
H. B. No. 410 Regulate dissemination of deepfake media to influence an election
H. B. No. 417 Enact the Keeping Our Survivors Safe Act
H. B. No. 429 Regards traffic offenses in construction zones
H. B. No. 441 Regards parole officer caseloads and retirement
H. B. No. 450 Prohibit certain offenses with an unmanned aerial vehicle system
H. B. No. 460 Enacts the Getting Rehabilitated Ohioans Working Act
H. B. No. 478 Regards unauthorized occupants of residential property
H. B. No. 480 Regards unauthorized occupants of residential property
H. B. No. 486 Enact Aisha's Law
H. B. No. 489 Prohibit selling personal data re: payment of parking fees
H. B. No. 498 Remove criminal offense related to donating blood with AIDS virus
H. B. No. 513 Revise criminal and disciplinary provisions relating to HIV, AIDS
H. B. No. 522 Enact the Repeat Offender Act
H. B. No. 525 Regards assault when the victim is a school employee or volunteer
H. B. No. 528 Increase criminal penalty for intimidating an election officer
H. B. No. 536 Make seat belt and booster seat violations a primary offense
H. B. No. 556 Create criminal liability for teachers for pandering obscenity
H. B. No. 564 Regards individuals unlawfully present; immigration enforcement
H. B. No. 593 Require certain motivation or purpose to commit child enticement
H. B. No. 594 Permit motion for a new trial or relief based on new evidence
H. B. No. 608 Reduce sealing, expungement requirements in certain cases
H. B. No. 615 Regards certain children as in need of protective services