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Criminal Justice Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
S. B. No. 16 Regards civil action by, and crimes again, first responders
S. B. No. 25 Enact Relapse Reduction Act regarding drug tests and trafficking
H. B. No. 27 Increase penalty for failing to secure a vehicle load
S. B. No. 54 Regards telecommunications fraud
H. B. No. 64 Regards fraudulent assisted reproduction
H. B. No. 70 Revise law governing passing a school bus
H. B. No. 99 Regards persons authorized to go armed within school safety zone
H. B. No. 109 Increase penalties-certain criminal offenses; peace officer suits
H. B. No. 116 Enact the Ohio Computer Crimes Act
H. B. No. 121 Eliminate sex crime spousal exceptions; permit spousal testimony
H. B. No. 161 Enact Jacob's Law re:certain child abuse-related offenses
H. B. No. 166 Regards criminal sentencing and corrections
H. B. No. 183 Abolish the death penalty; revise juror challenge numbers
H. B. No. 210 Allow the cultivation and possession of marihuana
H. B. No. 211 Enact State Property Protection and Prosecution Act
S. B. No. 217 Regards criminal background checks for certain professions
H. B. No. 266 Regards statutes of limitation for rape and child sexual abuse
H. B. No. 276 Prohibit receiving proceeds of prostitution
H. B. No. 283 Prohibit driving while using electronic communications device
H. B. No. 287 Create offense: strangulation by a law enforcement officer
H. B. No. 293 Prohibit use of tear gas by peace officers
H. B. No. 307 Prohibit law enforcement agencies from using quotas
H. B. No. 315 Make bail changes
H. B. No. 319 Enact Expanding Human Trafficking Justice Act
H. B. No. 341 Create the Bureau of Hate Crimes
H. B. No. 343 Revise the law re: rights of crime victims
H. B. No. 345 Require human impact statement for criminal justice bills
H. B. No. 356 Regards drug offenses and treatment
H. B. No. 367 Regards body-worn and dashboard cameras, excessive force
H. B. No. 390 Require sex assault exam kits for trafficking in persons cases
H. B. No. 406 Revise the offense of voyeurism
H. B. No. 408 Regards the sale of catalytic converters
H. B. No. 418 Reduce mental state - allow underaged person possess alcohol
H. B. No. 419 Regards penalty - failure to report adult abuse or neglect
H. B. No. 427 Prohibit manipulation of controlled substance addiction
H. B. No. 437 Create the offense of postal package theft
H. B. No. 456 Decriminalize fentanyl drug testing strips
H. B. No. 459 Prohibit certain offenders from working, volunteering with minors
H. B. No. 462 Prohibit swatting