We the People. With these three powerful words written on a single piece of paper, an entire nation was founded on the principles of democracy, freedom, and justice. Written more than 225 years ago by 39 brave men who are known as our founding fathers, the United States Constitution forever changed the course of history and continues to unify all Americans with its words.

This week, it is important that we take a moment to reflect on the historic date of September 17, 1787 when the delegates of the Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia for the final time. With the signing of this monumental document, those men put in place the resilient foundation of our country, and we must continue to honor their legacy and embody the principles that they valiantly risked everything for.

Leaders such as our steadfast original president George Washington, the brilliant Benjamin Franklin, and the “Father of the Bill of Rights,” James Madison, all strongly believed in the same core tenets that still make up our government today. Three separate yet equal branches of government—the executive, judicial, and legislative—all function with the democratic system of checks and balances envisioned by these great minds. They also addressed states’ rights by establishing federalism, which has allowed Ohio to evolve into the prosperous and successful state that it is today.

It is truly astounding that a document drafted more than two centuries ago is still so relevant and cherished in our society. Although Americans may interpret the Constitution differently, we all can still be thankful for the sovereignty and independence it has continuously bestowed on us throughout our trials and tribulations. No matter what adversity America faces, we can always reflect on our forefathers and the obstacles they faced, and be inspired to persevere.

The Constitution is so much more than just a piece of history that we teach our children about in school; it truly is the shining cornerstone of our nation that encourages us to become a more perfect union each and every day. The past, present, and future of the United States are forever linked to this important document, and from sea to shining sea, Americans are able to enjoy the rights and freedoms that our founding fathers so passionately believed in and so bravely pursued.

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