COLUMBUS—State Representative Wes Retherford (R-Hamilton) today announced that the Ohio House of Representatives has approved the conference committee report on Amended Substitute House Bill 49, the state operating budget. With a major focus on combating Ohio’s dangerous drug epidemic and ensuring that schools receive vital funding, the legislation provides support to areas most in need and keeps spending under the rate of inflation over the biennium. 
“This budget is a very fiscally responsible budget. For the first time in years, spending was kept below inflation, we are responsibly getting control of our Medicaid program, while still ensuring the most vulnerable are protected. We are contributing more towards fighting this terrible heroin epidemic,” said Rep. Retherford. “I’m especially proud of the fixes we made to the CAUV, which will help farmers all over Butler County and the state. I was able to successfully push for the inclusion of the Healthcare Compact, the Ohio Elder Justice Act and the Ohio Rural Jobs Act, all pieces of policy that I have worked on for several years. We were able to do all of this without raising taxes. A very strong, very conservative budget that will benefit all Ohioans.”
The bill addresses the following issues, among others:
As championed by the House through the Ohio HOPES (Heroin, Opioids, Prevention, Education and Safety) Agenda, the budget tackles the state’s drug epidemic head-on with funding totaling $180 million in new money. Investments focused on the areas of prevention, treatment, mental health care and workforce programs ensure that communities across Ohio, both rural and urban, receive the support they need to educate young people, help those who are addicted and prevent overdose deaths, which is a statistic that continues to rise.
Enhancing opportunities for all Ohioans is a central component of the state operating budget with an increase in K-12 education funding by $154 million in FY’18 and $120 million in FY’ 19. The bill also increases per-pupil funding and rewards high-performing educational service centers.
The bill promotes tuition guarantee programs to provide more cost consistency to students while also requiring colleges to study textbook expenses in order to ultimately reduce the cost of obtaining a college degree.
House Bill 49 makes Ohio the first state to seek a federal waiver to freeze new enrollment to the Medicaid Group VIII expansion population with certain exemptions (the drug addicted and mentally ill). Additionally, through a series of provisions, the budget strengthens accountability in the state’s Medicaid program by placing guardrails on future Medicaid Group VIII spending through the Controlling Board. The bill also returns Medicaid oversight to the General Assembly by directing the Department of Medicaid to seek a federal waiver to require a Group VIII Medicaid recipient to be one of the following: over 55, medically fragile, employed, in an education or workforce training program, or in a recovery program.
Through various reforms to be phased in over a six-year period, the bill aims to offer property tax relief for farmers by reducing the taxable value of farmland.
Rep. Retherford also championed the following provisions which were included in House Bill 49:
The Health Care Compact, permitting Ohio to become a member state in the compact, which is designed to transfer the responsibility of regulating healthcare from the federal government to the member states.
The Elder Justice Act, which makes a variety of changes to help better protect Ohio’s elderly population against neglect or exploitation.
The Ohio Rural Jobs Tax Act, which authorizes a tax credit for insurance companies and financial institutions that invest in rural and high-growth industry funds that are certified by the Development Services Agency and contribute capital to certain types of businesses with substantial operations.
Am. Sub. H.B. 49 will now head to the Governor for his consideration.

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