A Recap Of Legislation From 2013
By Rep. Wes Retherford
December 18, 2013
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With the year rapidly coming to an end, I would like to take an opportunity to update the people of the 51st District about some of the key legislation I have been involved with on in the Ohio House:

House Bill 8: Sadly, we are all too often informed of tragic events that happen at schools. This bill makes it easier for school boards to work with local law enforcement agencies to update their safety plans and to allow off-duty officers who are in good standing to carry concealed weapons in schools. HB 8 recently passed out of the House Education Committee.

House Bill 49: I sponsored “The Ohio Elder Justice Act” with Rep. Mike Dovilla of Cleveland because Ohio’s definitions pertaining to elder abuse were, frankly, outdated. Current law largely defined “elder abuse” as physical abuse, but with technology continuing to expand, problems like financial exploitation is on the rise. One of the ways HB 49 strengthens these important protections is simply by bringing appropriate definitions up to date.

House Bill 98: In the process of returning home from military service, veterans sometimes have difficulty finding jobs. One of the common reasons for this is the fact that their occupational licenses that they may have earned before service expire during active duty. However, much of the training military men and women receive during their service can be directly translated to the private sector here at home. HB 98 simply allows occupational licensing agencies to take into account the experience and training these brave men and women receive when renewing or applying for a license.

House Bill 206: This bill authorizes the creation of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) license plate. The DAV is a national organization that consists of veterans who were injured during their time in the service. Following my years of military service, the organization was very helpful in assisting me, which is why I am proud to be one of its members. Under this legislation, the new license plates could be purchased at an additional cost, and proceeds would go to helping the organization fund its efforts.

Senate Joint Resolution 5: The US national debt recently exceeded $17 trillion and is now greater than all than all the debt in the European Union combined. With Washington showing no real interest in righting the ship, the states have begun taking matters into their own hands. With SJR 5, Ohio became the 20th state to pass a resolution demanding that a constitutional convention be held with the hopes of ultimately adding a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution. Thirty-four states are required to pass similar resolutions in order to form the convention, so the movement is gaining momentum.

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