COLUMBUS—State Representative Tim Ginter (R-Salem) today announced that the Ohio House has approved House Bill 422, legislation that allows municipalities to better address the infrastructure needs of their water and sewage systems.

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that Ohio will require more than $12 billion to be invested in water system infrastructure and more than $14 billion in wastewater system infrastructure over the next 20 years. House Bill 422 eases this burden on municipalities by allowing a municipal water-works or sewage disposal system to be purchased by certain regulated companies.

“I am grateful for the extremely strong vote by the House today on House Bill 422,” said Ginter. “This bill provides a pathway for local municipalities to sell their treatment facilities to a regulated water utility, should they decide to do so, with strong safeguards in place to ensure that the transaction and process is fair and equitable.”

Under this legislation, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) would retain its regulatory role, decide if the transaction is in the public interest, and determine the fair market value for the purchase of the infrastructure. Additionally, the PUCO would provide a means of tracking the value of new infrastructure installments after the system changes hands.

House Bill 422 now moves to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

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