West Congratulates United Way Of Greater Stark County On Receiving Grant
State lawmaker praises community organization's innovative educational program
June 28, 2017
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State Rep. Thomas E. West (D-Canton) today congratulated United Way of Greater Stark County on being awarded $100,000 from the Ohio Department of Education. The community organization received the money through the New Community Connectors Mentoring Grant program, which supports programs that give more Ohio students access to positive role models and help them develop skills that lead to success in the classroom and the workplace. 

“I am incredibly happy to see our local United Way being recognized and rewarded for its tremendous work,” said West. “The programs that it runs will have a deep and meaningful impact on hundreds of children in our community for years to come.” 

The grant specifically supports United Way’s “Get Connected” initiative, which offers career-based mentoring for Career Tech classes. This includes ongoing mentoring activities like job shadowing, community participation, after school skills programs and anything else that help students work toward post-graduation goals. 

“In a time when so many people stress the importance of career readiness and vocational training, it is refreshing to see a local organization demonstrate leadership on the issue,” said West. “I believe that this grant will play a small role in ensuring that Stark County continues to grow and improve as the next generation of leaders and learners begins to emerge.” 

The $100,000 awarded to United Way of Stark County was part of the $9.9 million total granted through the New Community Connectors Mentoring Grant program.

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