Rep. West Urges DeWine To Join Attorneys General Across Nation To Sue FCC In Wake Of Net Neutrality Repeal
Canton lawmaker to introduce legislation to enhance consumer protections, promote open internet
December 15, 2017
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State Rep. Thomas E. West (D-Canton) today sent Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine a letter urging him to join other attorneys general across the nation in suing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) following its decision to repeal net neutrality protections Thursday. Rep. West also announced plans to introduce legislation to protect consumer access to the internet.

“Attorney General DeWine has a duty as a public official to act in the best interest of every Ohioan, and right now that means suing the FCC over its unilateral decision to repeal net neutrality,” said West. “Since the federal government has failed to ensure a fair and open internet, I believe the state needs to step up. My office is already working on legislation that will provide net neutrality protections for all Ohioans, and I hope the attorney general will join us in this effort to ensure the internet remains an incredible platform for innovation, open dialogue and job creation.”

West has been an outspoken supporter of net neutrality and has previously introduced House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 18, which urges Congress, the president, and the FCC to protect net neutrality and open nondiscriminatory internet access. HCR 18 has been referred to the Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee, where it currently awaits a hearing.

A copy of Rep. West’s letter to DeWine is included below:

December 15, 2017

Attorney General DeWine,

I am writing you today with great concern over the future of the internet in the United States. Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality. Today, I ask that join attorneys general from across the nation in suing the FCC over the unilateral repeal of this vital consumer protection.

Net neutrality has made the internet the incredible place of innovation that it is today. Without net neutrality, we may not have many of the most successful internet businesses in the world – businesses like Facebook, Priceline, Google, Netflix and countless others. These businesses have created millions of jobs and added trillions of dollars to our economy, but they all began as small startups that the market rewarded for their innovation. Without net neutrality, none of this would be possible.

Most importantly, net neutrality protects internet users around the globe. Sixty-three percent of Americans have only one choice for high-speed internet. Allowing these monopolies to determine what content everyday Americans and Ohioans can consume is not right and is not fair. Imagine Comcast blocking Fox News because they own MSNBC.

I urge you today to stand with attorneys general across the nation to put a stop to internet discrimination by suing the FCC for their undemocratic, immoral decision to repeal net neutrality.


Thomas West

State Representative, Ohio’s 49th House District

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