Rep. West Targets Public Sector Pay Discrimination With House Bill 385
Bill aims to level the playing field for state employees
October 18, 2017
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State Rep. Thomas West (D-Canton) today introduced House Bill (HB) 385, legislation to eliminate pay discrimination at state agencies. Studies show that state employees experience higher levels of pay discrimination by gender and race than those working in other industries.

“Pay discrimination is a problem that plagues our entire economy by making it harder for working families to get ahead,” said Rep. West. “We have an obligation to take any step we can to promote fair wages and end workplace discrimination.”

HB 385 would prevent state agencies from requiring job-seekers to disclose salary history as well as prohibit agencies from imposing gag orders on employees looking to discuss wages with colleagues. The bill also creates a legislative study committee that would measure the effects changes in policy have on pay discrimination over time. The committee would issue a report after five years.

“As Ohio’s largest employer, the state should be doing everything it can to lead on issues of pay equity,” said West. “HB 385 is the first step to ensure every hardworking Ohioans is treated fairly and is paid based solely on the work they do, not who they are or what their background is.”

HB 385 was referred to the House State and Local Government Committee as it awaits its initial hearings.

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