Rep. Thomas West Responds To Comey Testimony
Local lawmaker says former FBI Director's comments raise deep concerns and renew need for investigation
June 08, 2017
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State Rep. Thomas West (D-Canton) issued the following statement in response to former FBI Director James Comey’s open testimony today in front of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee:

"Director James Comey’s public testimony confirms what many Americans have long suspected: Donald Trump attempted several times to interfere with FBI processes. In fact, we learned today that during their nine conversations, the president only substantively asked Director Comey about one issue: the investigation into his campaign’s ties with the Russian government.

"Every word of today’s hearing indicates that the President of the United States attempted to meddle with James Comey’s work as Director of the FBI. I am especially troubled by Director Comey’s testimony that Donald Trump attempted to create a system of ‘patronage’ that would allow him to control an active FBI investigation.

"I am as ‘stunned’ by the president’s behavior as Director Comey. Donald Trump’s willingness to throw away decades of precedent by trying to strong arm our country’s law enforcement agencies should frighten all of us.

"This is not a partisan issue. Alternatively, it is about protecting the integrity of our system of government. Now, more than ever, we deserve a thorough and independent investigation to determine the extent of the president’s potential wrongdoings."

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