The two-year state budget bill truly encompasses both the legislative process at its peak capabilities and the priorities of the Ohio House Republican Caucus. The House recently passed its version of the budget bill, which is currently under further review in the Senate. Keeping in mind lower than expected revenue projections and a tight budget cycle, my fellow members and I worked hard to prioritize Ohio’s most pressing needs while remaining committed to responsible spending.

Among many provisions addressing the opioid epidemic and school funding, I championed several measures that would directly benefit southern Ohio and the area I represent, the 90th House District. First, I supported the inclusion of a provision that gives a $1 million appropriation to Southern State Community College for its expansion into Adams County. Southern State is already such a boon to the region, serving thousands of students, and this expansion would allow more individuals to pursue their career goals.

I also worked on including language in the budget bill that reforms the policy on military leave for public employees. This change adjusts the leave of absence for state employees in the National Guard or reserves from one month per calendar year to one month per federal fiscal year. This small reform to state policy better reflects how weekend training is scheduled for reservist service members.

In response to the devastating opioid epidemic that is affecting our families and communities, the Ohio House invested $170.6 million through coordinated care towards combating this issue. As a part of this package, I supported a measure that ensures addicted Ohioans who want access to care are aware of all of their medication options. In regards to medication-assisted treatment (MAT), all prescribers in such a program must be educated on and provide patients with information about all FDA-approved drugs for use in MAT. This will help addicted program participants find the right path towards treatment and recovery for them.

The budget bill is a comprehensive package that encapsulates Ohio’s most necessary spending priorities, not only to keep the state operating full-steam ahead, but to also support all Ohioans and the neighborhoods in which they live. I’m confident the House passed a fiscally responsible and responsive budget, and I’m proud of the provisions included that will directly benefit southern Ohio and our district. While the budget process is still ongoing, I welcome your input as the House and Senate continue to work together to produce the best budget for Ohio.

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