State Rep. Teresa Fedor Votes Against GOP's Budget Bill That Continues To Hurt Working And Middle Class Families
Partisan budget rewards rich while denying Ohioans healthcare, and cutting public education
April 19, 2013
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COLUMBUS- The Ohio House of Representatives late last evening approved a state budget that rewards the rich while continuing to hurt our schools and communities, and denies Medicaid expansion to hundreds of thousands of working poor throughout Ohio. Following the vote, State Rep. Teresa Fedor issued the following statement:

 "The bottom line remains that due to this budget our schools and communities continue to suffer. It is unfortunate that this budget does not begin to solve the problems created by the first Kasich administration budget and makes further cuts favoring the rich. Additionally, House Republicans plan to cut an extra $200 million from schools compared to Governor Kasich's initial proposal. House Republicans continue to put ideology before common sense and politics before people by denying 275,000 Ohioans Medicaid coverage."

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