State Rep. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) released the following statement after the Ohio Sustainable Business Council’s small business roundtable discussion on the importance of clean water to the success of the regional and statewide economies:

“Business leaders and community members coming together to discuss the importance of water quality and its impact on our economy highlights just how critical it is that we, as a state, take comprehensive action to address the health of Lake Erie right now.

“We cannot afford to chase piecemeal approaches to a long-term problem when its short-term effects cost small business owners in our area an estimated $11.5 million, as did the Toledo Water Crisis.

“What is clear from today’s meeting is that we all possess a stake in the commitment to maintaining safe, quality water in the region.”

One week after the water crisis, Rep. Fedor and regional lawmakers called for action on a plan that included declaring the Maumee Watershed a “distressed watershed,” working with the Federal EPA to implement strategies to prevent a similar crisis and calling on the governor to convene a Governors task force with governors from the Lake Erie states.

State leaders have yet to act on the recommendations of the regional lawmakers.

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