State Rep. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) will be featured as a keynote speaker at the American Academy of Nursing’s 2016 Transforming Health, Driving Policy Conference TOMORROW, Friday, October 21 at 1:15 p.m. in Washington, DC. The Toledo lawmaker will be addressing legislative and policy efforts to put an end to human trafficking as part of the conference’s Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation: Nursing, Health, Economic, and Labor Policies and Practices panel. She will be joined byUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham Professor Dr. Patricia Speck and FHI 360 Gender Department Director Dr. Andrea M. Bertone.

“For the past decade, I’ve worked tirelessly to fight human trafficking in Ohio by working in a bipartisan fashion to pass meaningful legislation and hosting the annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day,” said Fedor. “By raising awareness and passing common sense laws that break the trafficking cycle and help victims seek refuge, we can ensure a safer future for our children and our communities. I look forward to working with the American Academy of Nursing and other advocates to pursue policies at the federal level to help end modern-day slavery.”

The objectives of the human trafficking panel include: identifying health, social and economic needs of trafficked persons; examining existing health, economic and labor policies and practices aimed at deterring the factors driving the local and global demand for sex workers; and identifying examples and opportunities for inter-professional collaborations in addressing local, national and global policy actions to deter further human trafficking.

Rep. Fedor is a longtime champion of human trafficking awareness and has worked diligently to fight back against trafficking in Ohio. Most recently, she successfully passed HB 130 – the End Demand Act – which increased the penalties for the purchase of sex from a minor and made other changes to cut down market-driven demand for purchasing commercial sex. In 2012, Fedor passed SB 235/HB 262 – the Safe Harbor Act – which increased the criminal penalties for traffickers and gives teenaged victims and survivors a chance to avoid a criminal conviction and instead turn their lives around.  

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