Rep. Fedor Pushes Important Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives At UT Conference
Joins students, truckers in efforts to engage public in fight against trafficking
September 19, 2014
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State Rep. Teresa Fedor (D- Toledo) presented to area high school students today at the 11th annual University of Toledo’s International Anti-Human Trafficking, Prostitution, and Sex Work Conference.

Following her presentation, Rep. Fedor and several students toured a mobile exhibit presented by Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), designed to educate members of the trucking industry and the general public about the realities of domestic sex trafficking.

"In my work as a legislator to combat human trafficking for the last eight years, I know that ‘everyday heroes’ like those in the trucking industry play a critical role in extending anti-human trafficking efforts,” said Rep. Fedor. “I commend Truckers Against Trafficking and the Freedom Drivers Project for its strong initiative to combat human trafficking by educating and empowering drivers and communities to serve and protect those most vulnerable against this crime.”

TAT is a national, non-profit organization that provides training to members of the trucking and travel plaza industries and engages them in the war against both sex and work victimization.

At a reception on Thursday evening, Rep. Fedor was also presented with the University of Toledo’s inaugural, “Champion for Human Rights and Social Justice” award.

As a champion and voice for victims of human trafficking across the state of Ohio, Rep. Fedor passed the following:

  • Language for a statewide Human Trafficking Commission to study the scope of the problem, 

  • Senate Bill 235 defining human trafficking as a crime with a mandatory prison term;

  • House Bill 262 - Safe Harbor Act - a comprehensive victim-centered bill ensuring minor victims get services instead of incarceration, increased penalties and a mandatory prison term, offenders register as sex offenders, allow records of adult human trafficking victims to be expunged and file a lawsuit against a trafficker and many other provisions.

  • House Bill 130 – End Demand Act - increase penalties for purchasing sex of a minor from a misdemeanor to a felony. Other key provisions include requiring offender of a child 15 years and under to register as a sex offender and prohibiting the advertisement of sexual activity for hire if the materials depict a minor and terminating parental rights for those found trafficking their children or other minors. 

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