Rep. Fedor Opposes Turnpike Bill With Nothing To Stop Toll Increases Or Keep Money In Northern Ohio
Kasich's empty turnpike promises pass House despite bipartisan opposition
March 01, 2013
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COLUMBUS- State Rep. Teresa Fedor  (D- Toledo) released the following statement upon the passage of House Bill 51. The proposal would create $1.5 billion in new debt against the turnpike.

 “Despite promises to the contrary, there is no 90% Turnpike guarantee that Turnpike revenue will be used in northern Ohio and no cap on tolls,” said Rep. Fedor. “Also, the Transportation Budget reduces legislative oversight allowing ODOT to spend money without accountability. I am concerned that Governor Kasich’s budget plan mortgages away the future of the road for pennies on the dollar while burdening the state with $1.5 billion in new debt. The state’s transportation projects are being unfairly funded on the backs of Northern Ohioans.”

 Democrats offered amendments in Finance Committee and on the floor of the House that would guarantee 90 percent of turnpike revenue stay in Northern Ohio and that tolls are frozen for EZ Pass users, and that all other rates are capped at inflation.  Both times the amendments were voted down. 

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