Ohio House Democratic Women’s Caucus Chair Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) today responded to Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s comments Monday when he told a campaign audience that “women came out of their kitchens” to support him. 

“Governor Kasich’s insulting comment that placed women in the kitchen was just the latest in the dismissive way he talks about and regulates women,” said Fedor. “From crudely referring to them as ‘hot’ to talking about their laundry and kitchen duties, Governor Kasich reveals what he thinks of women: they take a back seat and they don’t get a say.” 

In the past, Gov. Kasich’s actions and words have not always been favorable to women:

-Kasich started a State of the State speech by bragging about “that hot wife.” 

-He told an audience that the wives of politicians stay at home and do the laundry, without referencing what the husbands of politicians handle at home. 

-When asked about the pay gap between women and men, Kasich blamed the inequality on women’s lack of experience and skills without acknowledging institutionalized biases that hold women back. 

-Kasich indicated women don’t need parental leave after giving birth, but should instead find jobs where they can work from home.

-During a town hall, he dismissed a young woman with a question for him by telling her he did not have any Taylor Swift tickets for her. 

-While campaigning on slowing down and listening to each other, he quickly waved away the concerns of both a young woman and an elderly woman about his defunding of Planned Parenthood and told the young woman not to be confused. 

-Kasich’s Budget Director testified in 2015 that women were leaving the workplace and it was a mystery, rather than presenting it as a problem to be solved. 

-Kasich’s development agency does not have any programs targeted at women despite the disparity in economic opportunity for women. 

-Kasich also eliminated the Office of Women’s Initiatives that Gov. Strickland had started to address the structural obstacles that women face.

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