Teresa Fedor - House District 45

Representative Teresa Fedor is a Democratic member of the Ohio House of Representatives who has represented the 45th and 47th Districts since 2010. She was elected to the Ohio Senate in 2002 and served as a member until 2010. Prior, the citizens of Toledo elected her to serve the 52nd District of the Ohio House of Representatives in 2000. Due to term-limits, she is currently a candidate for the Ohio Senate, District 11 to continue her work in the Ohio Legislature.

A proud veteran, she served in the United States Air Force and Ohio Air National Guard before receiving a B.S. in Education from the University of Toledo. She spent 18 years in the classroom before pursuing public service.

Throughout her legislative career, Teresa Fedor has championed responsive and responsible government to improve the lives of all Ohioans. A resounding theme throughout her public service is ensuring that government is transparent and accountable, guarding against waste, fraud and abusive practices.

In the past, she has helped to unveil the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation coin scandal, worked to hold charter schools accountable to Ohio’s taxpayers and children, made certain that Ohio’s voting machines leave a paper trail, advocated successfully for laws against human trafficking and worked collaboratively with the majority and the governor during the last several budgets. Her record of success is demonstrated by numerous resignations of corrupt leaders, the closing of charter schools built on scams and government reforms.

Protecting our most vulnerable young Ohioans is a driving force for her. Since joining the General Assembly, Representative Fedor has introduced legislation that will curtail the growing problem of cyberbullying of school children, will honor literacy and educational attainment among children by celebrating a “Día de Los Niños”, will create physical and health education standards in Ohio’s schools, will require background checks for volunteer coaches, will ensure that military children are given the same education opportunities as other children and will create a license plate and fund for bullying prevention education.