During Ohio House session this week, State Representatives Steven Arndt (R-Port Clinton) and Terry Boose (R-Norwalk) presented Burnham Orchards with a resolution honoring the family business on the bicentennial of their farm.

Located in Berlin Heights, Ohio, the family business is celebrating its 200th year of operation. Burnham Orchards is also being designated as a bicentennial farm by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

“This is truly a rare moment for a business in Ohio,” Arndt said. “To see a family who has owned a single business over a bicentennial is truly remarkable. I am glad that we have this, and other small businesses, around to support and grow our economy and community.”

Established in 1815, the farm began with 160 acres owned by William Tillinghast. Tillinghast was given the land as compensation after his property was burned by the British during the Revolutionary War. Tillinghast gave the property to his son who cleared the land for farming in addition to building the house that the Burnham family lives in today.

Since the property was acquired in 1815, the farm has grown to almost 1,300 acres and is owned by Joe Burnham III, a direct descendant of the Tillinghasts. Today, Burnham’s son, Joe Burnham IV, serves as the general manager of the family business.

“As a former produce grower with a farm located next to Burnham Orchards, I was blessed to have a close friendship with the Burnham family,” Boose said. “I congratulate the family on their 200th year of business, and wish them many more years of success.”

The resolution was accepted during the Ohio House session by the Burnham family.


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