One of the most important and foundational components of government is to provide the public with reliable infrastructure, including functional highways and roadways. After the long and cold winter we’ve had here in Ohio, this is especially crucial. With potholes appearing around every corner, we need to invest in their repair and modernize our roadways to ensure each and every person can get to and from home safely.

I am currently a co-sponsor of House Bill 415, and I understand how important reliable infrastructure is to you and your family. Functional public roadways in Ohio are essential to public safety and commerce. Overall, we need to ensure that we are putting the public safety of our citizens and the protection of the state’s commerce first, creating a more prosperous Ohio.

Because of this ever-pressing need, the Ohio House recently took action to make sure our local governments have adequate funds for road improvement projects. These improvements can be costly and burdensome on our counties, townships, cities, and villages, but House Bill 415 would help to relieve that expense. The legislation would create the Local Government Road Improvement Fund, to which one half of the state’s surplus revenue each fiscal year would be allocated. The amount given to each political subdivision would be determined by the number of road miles within it, and those funds would go to the county treasurer for distribution.

Currently, surplus revenue from the General Revenue Fund is deposited into the Budget Stabilization Fund, but House Bill 415 would put half of that amount into the newly created Local Government Road Improvement Fund. The bill allows state and local government to work together to provide a safe and efficient transportation system for Ohioans and out-of-state visitors. While the funds are to be used specifically for roadway improvements, this change would also free up other local funds to be used for non-road or general infrastructure projects.

House Bill 415 puts forth a creative solution that could lead to more efficiency in state spending while committing resources to a matter that affects each and every citizen of our state, the upkeep of our roadways. Poor road conditions can cost Ohioans hundreds of dollars each year due to damage to vehicles, but we can help prevent those unexpected costs by making the maintenance of our roadways a top priority.

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