In Ohio we have seen our local wineries thrive in our business friendly climate. They have provided jobs and contributed to our economy greatly through the sale and production of locally made Ohio wine. These wineries have provided numerous jobs to our state, which is why we must help them reach their full potential. This is why I was proud to help pass two recent pieces of legislation in the Ohio House that would help this growing industry.

The first piece of legislation that was crafted to aid our local wine industry was House Bill 178. This bill helps continue to grow this industry by allowing the sale of wine at farmers’ markets by certain wine manufacturers. The legislation accomplishes this by allowing the manufacturers to obtain an F-10 permit, granting current A-2 or S Liquor permit holders the opportunity to participate in the market.

Up to 4.5 liters of wine would be available for purchase to each farmer’s market visitor who is over the legal drinking age. Samples would also be able to be distributed under this bill, allowing the participating wineries to give one ounce samples to legal customers.

The second piece of legislation, House Bill 342, continues to grow our local wine industry by creating an “Ohio Farm Winery” permit. This permit differentiates wineries by calling wine manufacturers that produce their product from their farm in its entirety an “Ohio Farm Winery”. 

This bill promotes locally made goods and gives wineries that grow their own grapes and produce wine on their farm a way to stand out by allowing them to obtain a designation that differentiates the winery as an estate wine. House Bill 342 was crafted to simplify the naming of Ohio wineries to provide needed clarity and notoriety to their product.

Promoting business is important and local farmers’ markets are a great way to promote businesses and spur their growth. Whenever I see an opportunity to improve Ohio’s business climate I want to get involved, which is why I have stood behind these bills that will enhance our local wine industry.

I have been proud to see these wineries grow and develop in our state and I hope they continue to do so. Small businesses are vital to our economy, which is why I am looking forward to seeing House Bill 178 and 342 pass the Ohio Senate to further advance our local wineries.

I always appreciate your input on this and all state legislative matters. Please feel free to contact my office at (614) 644-6011 or


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