As an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees of the Ohio History Connection (OHC), formerly the Ohio Historical Society, the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives has chosen 69th District State Representative Steve Hambley to serve as his representative to the board during the 131st General Assembly. 

“I am honored to represent the Speaker of the Ohio House on the Ohio History Connection Board of Trustees,” stated Representative Steve Hambley. “I am greatly interested in seeing the agency help people connect with Ohio’s past to understand the present and create a better future, as well as advocate for local historical societies as they struggle to share and preserve the history of the state and our communities.”

During the last General Assembly, current Speaker Rosenberger served as the representative to the History Connections Board, chosen by then-Speaker of the House of Representatives William G. Batchelder, also from the 69th District.

In a letter to the OHC Executive Director Burt Logan, Speaker Rosenberger praised Representative Hambley’s tireless advocacy of history, as well as points to his academic training in history and career as a college professor.

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