COLUMBUS—State Representatives Steve Hambley (R-Brunswick) and Jeffery Rezabek (R-Clayton) today announced the introduction of House Bill 8.

House Bill 8 amends sections of the Ohio Revised Code to exempt from the public records law certain information concerning a minor that is included in a record related to a traffic accident involving a school vehicle in which the minor was an occupant at the time of the accident.

“Under Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations and state statutes, parents have a reasonable expectation of privacy for their children’s personal information when in the temporary custody of their local school system,” Hambley said. “Unfortunately, under current law and practice they lose that privacy if their child is a passenger on a public school bus. This bill corrects that problem and makes sure their child’s personal information is not a public record.”

Representative Hambley furthered his point by explaining that parents shouldn’t lose their children’s right to privacy because their child takes the bus to attend public school. “If a child is driven to school or attends a private or community school, that student is not subject to a public record if they are a passenger in an accident. My bill aims to restore security and peace of mind to the school bus.”

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