COLUMBUS—State Representative Scott Wiggam (R-Wooster) and his legislative aide will be touring around Wayne County on Friday, January 20th in an effort to meet with a variety of city and county officials.

As a former Wayne County Commissioner, Rep. Wiggam understands the importance of a strong relationship between officials at the local and state levels of government. His schedule of appointments will consist of meetings with several city mayors, the Wayne County Sheriff and other county offices, the Ohio State University Extension Office, and a variety of other entities that have an interest in state government relations.

“I look forward to continuing a constructive dialog with county and city officials of the 1st House District,” said Rep. Wiggam. “These meetings foster beneficial ideas to improve our communities and state as a whole through implementing common-sense, conservative principles at the local and state levels of government.”

During his first term as a state representative, Rep. Wiggam’s priority is to better facilitate the channels of communication between Wayne County and the state legislature. As such, topics to be discussed during his meetings include: the overall agenda of the 132nd General Assembly, the opioid epidemic, economic development issues in the district, and other local concerns.


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