The House was successful in passing several pieces of legislation last week including measures to safeguard elections and distribute federal coronavirus funds to municipalities.

My colleagues in the Ohio House and I work hard to improve the lives of the Ohioans we represent, and I appreciate the opportunity to update you on these and other issues before us in the legislature.

Safeguarding Ohio’s Election: House Bill 680 ensures Ohio continues its tradition of allowing Ohioans to cast their ballots, in person, on Election Day. The bill expressly states that “no public official shall cause an election to be conducted other than in the time, place and manner prescribed” by state law. It is essential that every Ohioan knows how our elections will be run, how they can vote and, most importantly, that their vote will count.

Revising Fireworks Law: House Bill 253 allows individuals to possess consumer-grade fireworks in Ohio, eliminating the current requirement that purchasers transport fireworks out of the state within 48 hours of purchase. The bill would allow any person authorized to possess fireworks to discharge them on their own property, or another’s property with permission. It also allows local governments to restrict the dates and times that individuals may discharge fireworks, or to impose a complete ban of the use of fireworks.

Distributing Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds and Capital Reappropriations: Senate Bill 310 appropriates $350 million of funding allocated to the state from the federal CARES Act to counties, municipalities, and townships to assist in covering COVID-19 pandemic-related expenses. The bill also authorizes counties, municipalities, and townships to use funds distributed under the bill and CARES Act funds received directly from the federal government to award grants to Ohio-based small businesses. Senate Bill 310 also makes capital reappropriations to allow capital projects throughout the state to continue without an interruption in funds.

Amending Ohio’s Reinsurance Model Law: House Bill 528 amends Ohio’s reinsurance model law imposed on insurers when they reinsure risk. Reinsurance is when an insurer buys insurance from a separate insurer to cover a portion or all of their potential liabilities. This bill, which passed unanimously, is necessary to allow Ohio to maintain regulatory oversight of domiciled reinsurers.

In everything I do, whether it is in Columbus or back in my home district of Stark County, I will continue to make your priorities my priorities. With that goal in mind, I welcome your feedback and opinions at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact me by calling (614) 752-2438, emailing, or by writing me at 77 South High St., Columbus, Ohio 43215.

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