State Representatives Sarah LaTourette (R-Bainbridge Township) and Bob Hackett (R-London) introduced legislation to create a Pancreatic Cancer Awareness License Plate for motor vehicle owners to voluntarily purchase through the Ohio Registrar’s office. Proceeds from sale of the plates will benefit a national Pancreatic Cancer foundation to fund research and education efforts.

“Pancreatic Cancer is among the worst forms of cancer – aggressive, difficult to treat and, far too often, terminal,” LaTourette said. “Raising awareness is critical to combating these trends, and this bill is an important first step.”

Responding to a constituent request, Representative Hackett introduced the legislation to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer, with proceeds going to support research and awareness. Representative LaTourette, whose father is currently battling Pancreatic Cancer, eagerly joined him in his effort.

“As those of us who have dealt with Pancreatic Cancer firsthand know all too well, there isn’t much to be hopeful for.  These plates will provide a tangible sense of hope while funding research to combat this horrific disease,” LaTourette added. “Just look at the difference awareness has made in the fight against breast cancer – from funding, to research, to improved prognosis.  There is a direct correlation between awareness and positive outcomes, so I truly hope this bill is a step toward improving both.”

The legislation will be referred to a committee in the near future.

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