Rep. LaTourette Applauds House Passage Of Concealed Carry Legislation
HB 48 expands Second Amendment freedoms for responsible gun owners
November 18, 2015
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COLUMBUS—During today’s House session, State Representative Sarah LaTourette (R-Bainbridge Township) voted for House Bill 48, legislation that bolsters Second Amendment protections for legal gun permit-holders.

House Bill 48 makes various changes to state law that deal with where a licensed concealed-carry owner can take a concealed handgun. The bill also modifies the list of places where concealed handguns are prohibited, such as permitting concealed carry within government facilities under certain circumstances. The legislation maintains provisions in current law that prevent people with, for example, mental illness and convicted felons from gaining access to a concealed carry permit.

“It is clear that our current firearms policy does not protect our most vulnerable. If gun-free zones were an effective deterrent, why do so many mass shooting incidents occur in gun-free zones?  It makes no sense to disarm law-abiding, trained conceal carry holders in the face of such threats,” Representative LaTourette said.  “I am proud to co-sponsor this legislation that allows properly trained, licensed, and law-abiding permit holders to defend themselves and those that would otherwise be left helpless.”

Additionally, both public and private institutions of higher education will be not be held liable for instances allegedly caused by a licensed concealed carry holder bringing a handgun onto an institution’s premises, unless the institution acted with malicious purpose. It also reduces the penalty for unauthorized carrying of a concealed handgun onto the premises of an institution of higher education. Under such a circumstance, the offender’s penalty will be charged with a minor misdemeanor as long as he or she produces a valid concealed carry license within 10 days of arrest.

House Bill 48 also makes some modifications to laws regarding school safety zones, primarily by allowing a concealed-carry licensee to carry a concealed handgun into a school safety zone, so long as the person 1) leaves the handgun in the vehicle and 2) the person locks the vehicle upon exiting.

Finally, the bill permits a sheriff to use the county’s portion of concealed handgun license fee revenue for ammunition and firearms for the sheriff and his or her employees, as long as such an action is approved by the board of county commissioners.


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