Ohio House Concurs On Senate Changes To HCR 12
Resolution highlights Ohio's high infant mortality rate, urges action

State Representative Sarah LaTourette (R-Bainbridge Township) applauded yesterday’s unanimous approval of House Concurrent Resolution 12 in the Senate and House. This legislation declares the state’s current infant mortality rate a public health crisis and urges comprehensive preterm birth screenings for pregnant women in Ohio.

This legislation is designed to combat Ohio’s startling rate of infant mortality.  Currently, the state is ranked 47th in the nation for infant mortality, with 1,047 Ohio infant deaths in 2012 alone.

“No child in the developed world, let alone our great state of Ohio, should be allowed to succumb to wholly preventable and treatable ailments,” Representative LaTourette, a lead sponsor of the resolution, stated.  “This legislation is an important start in correcting this grievous wrong, and offers us an opportunity to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

The leading cause of infant mortality is preterm birth.  HCR 12 encourages women to seek preterm birth screenings, which can measure cervical length and help predict the risk of early delivery. If a mother is at risk of a preterm birth, progesterone treatments can be implemented to greatly reduce a woman’s chances of early delivery.

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