State Representative Sarah LaTourette (R-Chester Township) today announced the passage of Substitute Senate Bill 159 by the Ohio House of Representatives, an omnibus bill that creates multiple license plates representing various causes.

The legislation includes House Bill 414, a bill originally sponsored by Rep. LaTourette, which creates the “Pancreatic Cancer Awareness” license plate. In addition to creating this plate, the bill requires the county identification stickers on license plates to identify the county by name only, rather than by name or number.

The purchase of this specialty license plate requires a $25 contribution, which is paid to the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

“While I am well aware that creating a license plate for pancreatic cancer will not cure cancer, it is a great step towards raising awareness. Awareness is key if we are going to continue to fight back against this devastating disease,” said Rep. LaTourette. “Increased awareness will lead to increased interest and hopefully to an increased investment in research and treatment. Many families across our state are currently battling this horrific illness, and I hope this legislation and license plate provides them with a sense of support as they continue.”

Sub. S.B. 159 also renames the Port Columbus International Airport as the John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

Substitute Senate Bill 159 will now return to the Ohio Senate for concurrence on the changes made by the House.


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