The Kids Bake for Kids’ Sake event is a child abuse and neglect awareness and fundraising program offered by the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund (OCTF). The program begins right where it ends: with children.

The OCTF engages numerous youth groups throughout Ohio. Each youth group proposes recipes and provides a list of needed ingredients to put on a baking event. The OCTF then engages organizations throughout the state to collect baking ingredients and delivers them to the youth groups. The baked goods are sold at businesses, local organizations, and government agencies.

To provide participating youth with something for their hard work and for helping other children, the OCTF will work on getting a sponsor to print OCTF Cookbooks that contain kitchen safety information, the recipes made by the youth groups, nutrition information, and parent resources.

The baking events take place in April as part of April Child Abuse and Child Neglect Prevention Awareness Month. The funds raised by the bake sales will be used for child abuse and neglect prevention services in the communities where they were raised.

The OCTF hopes to make this statewide event a great success by engaging youth groups, businesses, private organizations, and government agencies through this program. If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact my office at 614-644-5088.

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