This week State Representative Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell) was sworn in as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives for the 132nd General Assembly. This will be his third term as state representative, after being first elected in 2012.

Smith released the following statement regarding the 132nd General Assembly:

“I am grateful for the opportunity to continue serving the 93rd District. Many issues require the legislature’s attention as we enter a new general assembly, but my top priority will be fighting the drug epidemic. Much has been done in this fight, but more needs to be done and I believe it starts with empowering our communities. All across Ohio folks have shown interest in doing their part for this issue and I intend to give them the tools they need to heal their communities.

“Additionally, this year the legislature will adopt an operating budget and in that bill I will continue working to improve Ohio’s education system. Each child should have the opportunity to succeed regardless of where they attend school. Far too often students from rural areas lack adequate resources to offer broad class offerings or extracurricular involvement.

“When I entered the legislature one of my goals was to improve Ohio’s business climate in order to bring jobs to our area. The business climate in Ohio has been strengthened by tax cuts and strategic investments that I have supported, but our work is not finished. Southern Ohio has many great assets such as our thriving workforce and abundant natural resources, but the region would benefit from infrastructural improvements to grow industry. Smart investments paired with an improved education system will help private industry create high-wage jobs.”

Smith represents the 93rd Ohio House District, which includes Jackson and Gallia counties, as well as portions of Lawrence and Vinton counties.

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