The Ohio House of Representatives today passed House Resolution 85 which urges Congress and President Trump to review the 2015 National Air Quality Standards and explore alternatives to the E-check program.


The focus of House Resolution 85 is on the Auto Emissions-Check, referred to generally as the E-Check. The seven county area in NE Ohio are currently the only portion of our state still subjected to the E-Check program. However, that may change very quickly. Experts state that if the 2015 National Ambient Air Quality Standards go into effect as currently drafted 34 counties will most likely be subjected to the program.


“Problems with the E-Check program have been an issue in my district since its inception in the late 90’s.” said Rep. Young (R-Leroy Twp.) “Not only is the E-Check considered by many experts to be a very expensive and inefficient method of improving our environment but it also disproportionately impacts families in need. Recently a number of constituents testified in support of HR85 reporting that E-Check has become a major obstacle in their efforts to support their families.”


According to Young’s office, “This is because older cars fail the test at a much higher rate than newer cars. Often these cars are these citizens’ only means of transportation. Without transport, many necessities such as jobs, medical care, access to food, etc… are placed in jeopardy. To make matters worse, according to many of the mechanics that repair these vehicles, the cars often run well and produce minimal amounts of pollutants, however in Ohio the vast majority of E-Check’s never measure emissions, instead they interface with the cars computers to determine emission levels. The so called emission check is for far too many poor Ohioans a very expensive and unnecessary computer check.”


This Resolution passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support with a 71-24 vote.


House Resolution 85 will now be sent to the Ohio Congressional delegation, the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Executive Office of the President of the United States, and the news media of Ohio.


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