COLUMBUS —State Representative Ron Young (R-Leroy Township) applauded a provision contained in Amended Substitute House Bill 49, the state operating budget, that appropriates $500,000 for the construction of the Lake County Regional Response Facility. The emergency response facility will be located at the Lost Nation Airport in Mentor.

The Lake County Regional Response Facility will house, protect, and deploy 20 specialized response units, including S.W.A.T., the Regional Urban Search and Rescue Team, the regional Medial Incident Response Team, regional Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit, and the Nuclear Dive and Response Team. In addition, the facility will contain trailers and emergency supplies, and work in conjunction with various agencies to ensure a coordinated and efficient response to potential emergencies in Northeast Ohio.

“It is rewarding for me as a public official to be able to make a positive contribution to a project that provides safety to so many of our citizens.” said Rep. Young.  “Requiring emergency response teams to store their equipment piecemealed at several locations throughout the area and expecting them to retrieve the specialized equipment and respond to an immediate threat as currently practiced is inefficient and downright dangerous. This emergency response center will help get the right people with the right equipment to the right place much sooner saving time and perhaps lives in future emergencies.”

“The construction of this facility will greatly enhance our readiness as a county in responding to a diverse range of emergency scenarios,” said Ken Filipiak, Mentor City Manager. “By consolidating tactical special equipment and response teams in direct proximity to the airport, we can coordinate these resources with state and federal response efforts and supply networks. We appreciate the efforts made by Representative Young to secure this funding, and it serves as a great example of state and local government working together to keep our communities safe and prepared.”

Robert M. Searles, Mentor Fire Chief, also praised the project: “Our region is well known for our response capability and ability to manage ‘big deal emergency events.’ I credit our success to the many public safety disciplines who work well together during adversity and the support that we get from our communities and leaders. The new Regional Emergency Response Facility will not just house equipment; it will also enhance our coordinated strategic response capabilities and strengthen relationships with our response partners. We are very appreciative of the funding support that we have received for a project that has immeasurable benefit. The new Mentor facility makes us better prepared by enhancing our special team response at a local level and improves our county’s service delivery capability throughout the region.”

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