Rep. Ron Young Passes Legislation Allowing Farm Winery Permits
House Bill 342 Authenticates Ohio Wines with "Grown in Ohio" Label
May 27, 2016
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The Ohio General Assembly recently passed House Bill 342 by Representative Ron Young. The bill creates an “Ohio Farm Winery” permit allowing a wine manufacturer that grows grapes on its property and produces and sells wine on its premise to distinguish itself as an authentic Ohio Farm winery.

House Bill 342, sponsored by State Representative Ron Young (R-Leroy Twp.), authorizes the Ohio Division of Liquor Control to issue the A-2f permit to a wine manufacturer that grows grape to process into wine on its own property. Under this legislation, an Ohio farm winery will be able to distinguish itself from other wineries that makes wine from juice purchased elsewhere.

“Ohio needs this new permit first and foremost because it is an entirely accurate description of the nature of these businesses” said Young. “They are proud of the fact they are farmers and desire to be officially recognized as farms.”

House Bill creates the Ohio Farm Winery Permit (the A-2f permit), which would have the same rights and privileges of current wineries utilizing the A-2 permit , but would also be able to present themselves to the public as true farming operations. HB342 creates the statutory language necessary for these farms to legally call themselves farm wineries.

With the enactment of HB 342 Ohio will recognize some of the unique challenges involved in owning and operating a farm winery operation. A great deal of money must be invested to grow grapes suitable to make excellent wine. Once planted the vines must be maintained for years before a crop can be harvested.

An Ohio Farm Winery operation offers a uniquely Ohio wine experience. Here you can enjoy wine from grapes grown by an Ohio farmer that controlled the whole production process, from planting to harvesting to bottling and finally consumption.

House Bill 342 now moves to the Governor for his signature.

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