Guest Column For State Representative Ron Young
Water Quality is a Statewide Issue
February 26, 2015
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As the Ohio House of Representatives looks forward in the 131st General Assembly, one of my goals is to protect the environmental safety of my constituents in the 61st District by ensuring the highest water quality of our state’s lakes and streams.  The House is working to put high standards in place that will minimize water pollution and increase the cleanliness of Ohio’s portion of Lake Erie.  This issue is near and dear to residents of Lake County, which is why I believe it is critically important.

While looking into this issue and weighing what is truly best for the citizens of Ohio, the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee has been taking into account the advice of experts and local farmers alike regarding the issue of water quality.  House Bill 61, which puts restrictions on the depositing of fertilizer and manure in or around Lake Erie, is an example of the House’s work to address problems such as algae blooms, phosphorous, and dredged material deposits.

 This is not a simple issue, and the solution may be complex, but it is a high priority to the entire state, especially as its effects filter into aspects of healthcare, agriculture, and development.  We must do all we can to ensure that our water resources are clean and safe for future generations.

It is imperative that we seek solutions like that presented in HB 61 and continue to focus on legislation that solves existing problems and avoids creating new ones.  In order to tackle these issues with the utmost knowledge and effectiveness, I need the continued input of the citizens most affected by them. 

As such, it will take the support and advice of my constituents in Lake County to protect Ohio’s water quality, and I urge you not to hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns you might have.  Working together, we can not only ensure high standards for our water resources in the immediate sense, but also secure the protection of our environment for future Ohioans in years to come.

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