Taking "Complicated" Out Of Taxes
By Rep. Ron Hood (R-Ashville)
June 20, 2013
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The saying, “Simple is Better” can often apply to many things in life. I think taxes are certainly better when they are straightforward and uncomplicated. Unfortunately, Ohio’s current tax system is far from simple.

Ohio is the only state in the nation where every municipality establishes its own rules and regulations regarding the way businesses file taxes. With at least 600 municipalities, our state can be a costly and confusing environment for business. Furthermore, Ohio is one of 10 states that taxes both individuals and businesses.

Often times, businesses struggle to comply with the litany of regulations and the necessary multiple filings for each individual municipality in which they operate. Keeping up with the varying regulations can be costly, time-consuming and ultimately counterproductive for any business. It’s not hard to see the malignant effects our current tax system has inflicted upon the economy and the job market.

Some members of the House of Representatives have attempted to remedy this problem by introducing House Bill 5. Under this legislation, rules and regulations will be made more uniform statewide. While each municipality would still be able to determine its own tax rate, this bill would establish one set method of collecting taxes, saving businesses valuable time and money.

This bill will allow small businesses to flourish and ultimately level the playing field so they can compete with larger companies. While we are consistently improving the business climate in Ohio, the current system stands in the way of further positive development.

Through House Bill 5, we have the potential to make tax rules and regulations better by simplifying them. I hope to see this bill on the floor of House session in the future. This legislation coincides with the 130th General Assembly’s overarching mission of improving the economy and job market statewide.

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