Earlier this month, Americans honored the service of our veterans and were reminded that our brave heroes have served in conflicts around the world and forever deserve our respect and appreciation. The commitment and selfless acts of our servicemen and women can never be fully repaid, but my colleagues and I are working hard to recognize their service.

Each of us owes an extraordinary debt to our servicemen and women, whether they are serving here at home or abroad.

We have all undoubtedly seen video of a service member returning home to the welcoming embrace of a spouse or child. The emotion expressed during those moments leave not a dry eye in the house, which indicates just how special the return home means to the family and loved ones who are left behind.

The service of our military brings us all together as a nation. Through its history, Ohio has contributed immensely to this great cause. In the past 200 years, more than one million Ohio residents have served in uniform. Today, Ohio is home to the sixth-largest veteran population in the United States.

Earlier this year, I was proud to support a bill that will help veterans who return home find employment. Many individuals, before going into active duty, have jobs here at home that require occupational licenses. Often, those licenses need to be renewed every so often. But for someone overseas, that can be challenging, if not impossible.

But at the same time of their service, military personnel develop skills and talents that can be extremely useful upon their return home. House Bill 98 allows state licensing agencies to consider these skills when applying for or renewing a license.

HB 98 removes some of the unnecessary challenges that veterans face when looking for jobs. Ohio residents also benefit by having veterans using their refined expertise at some of these jobs working in our state.

With such a large veteran population, Ohio needs to continue looking for ways to remove the barriers that hurt veterans—and any potential employees for that matter. But helping the people who have done so much for all of us is something we can all stand behind.

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