On January 7th, I had the honor of being sworn into office as state representative of the 78th House District. I was called to public service because I know that our state faces many challenges, but also because I am encouraged by the route it has taken over the past two years.

One of the many great accomplishments of the previous legislative term officially went into effect at the beginning of the year. As the calendar jumped from 2012 to 2013, Ohio joined a majority of states in no longer issuing an estate tax. It is often called a “death tax” because it is collected on a person’s estate following the owner’s death.

When it was still in effect, Ohio’s estate tax was one of the most unfriendly taxes in the country. In fact, Ohio owned the lowest estate tax exemption amount in the United States. Just $338,333 of a person’s estate was exempt from the tax, about one-fifth the national average.

In many cases, an estate tax targets something—like a family farm or business—that people have constructed with their own hands. The farm or business has grown because of the hard work and long hours of the people who ran them. Their efforts have left positive effects on our state and its citizens. The result of the estate tax was to punish those individuals, sometimes to the point where they could no longer afford to even keep the operation going.

Furthermore, imposing taxes on businesses almost always results in fewer workers being hired. Hiring workers not only contributes to the production cycle that consumers benefit from, but it also introduces new taxpayers into the economy.

Ohio’s estate tax did more harm than good for our state, and the people of Ohio will benefit from its abolishment.

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