State Representative Robert McColley (R-Napoleon) today welcomed a group of students, parents, and teachers from St. Mary’s School in Leipsic, Ohio.

The group came to Columbus in order to offer their support for HB 441, a bill that allows students to play sports in a school district other than the one in which the student resides. The inspiration for the bill came after students at St. Mary’s were told by the OHSAA that they would be forced to their home school district to play sports, even though, when the time came, they would open enroll at Leipsic School District. The teachers, students, and parents alike have been fighting to fix this problem for years and shared their stories with members of the House Education Committee today.

“I am very grateful to the students of St. Mary’s for taking part in our democratic process and advocating for HB 441,” Rep. McColley said. “It is my hope that they learned some valuable lessons about self-advocacy and that their testimony showed just how important this issue is for many families.”

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