State Representative Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) today announced the passage of House Bill 425 by the Ohio House of Representatives. The legislation seeks to protect the religious expression of students in Ohio’s schools.

House Bill 425 includes a number of provisions requiring public schools—school districts, community schools, STEM schools, and college-preparatory boarding schools—to protect students’ rights to religious expression in the same manner as secular expression. Among these provisions is the requirement that schools must give students who wish to conduct meetings for religious expression the same access to school facilities as given to secular student groups.

Additionally, schools are prohibited from restricting students from religious expression through homework, artwork, or other assignments, and such students are also prohibited from being penalized or rewarded based on the religious content of their work.

“The right to practice and express one’s religion is a fundamental right upon which our country was founded,” Rep. McColley said. “We must be vigilant against any attempt by government entities to smother this right, which is why I was proud to support and co-sponsor House Bill 425.”

House Bill 425 now heads to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

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