Small businesses have proven to be the backbone of our state’s economy. Not only are these businesses major employers and job creators but they provide a substantial impact to our region’s prosperity. With small business owners in my own family, I recognize the value and need to support our local businesses of northwest Ohio. These business owners are people who care about investing in our community and building up our neighborhoods. Shopping locally with these businesses allows more of our consumer dollars to stay within the community, building a strong local economy.

To highlight a northwest Ohio small business icon, Spengler’s Restaurant and Pub has been a Henry County tradition for well over 100 years. The business began as a grocery store in 1879 and has evolved over the years to meet the needs and demands of our community. With their 125th anniversary of business approaching, it is important to reflect on the impact that they have had on our region. Spengler’s has served as a living history in Henry County and keeps us all connected with our past. Growing up right here in Napoleon, I can remember dining at Spengler’s as a child. It is a business that I enjoy taking my own children to today, instilling the importance of their rich history and tradition in my own family.

Spengler’s is just one example of a small business that has went beyond to consistently give back to our local community. There are many small businesses throughout northwest Ohio that boost our economies and help the people in our communities thrive. These business owners are often our own neighbors and friends working to reinvest their revenue in our local communities. My goal, as a state representative, is that we continue to legislate for an economic environment in our state that these businesses can thrive in. Small businesses have consistently proven to be the engine to job creation in our state. We simply cannot underestimate the value and impact that they offer.

Spengler’s 125th Anniversary Celebration will be taking place all day on Saturday, August 19th in downtown Napoleon on Perry Street. In Spengler’s generous fashion, they will be using this celebration to give back to the community. Proceeds will be used as a fundraiser for Together We Can Make a Difference Initiatives and Pillars. A milestone event in the 81st House District, I look forward to personally attending to honor Spengler’s for 125 years of progress and service to the people of northwest Ohio. We truly have a reason to celebrate all small businesses in northwest Ohio for being pillars in our community and investing in the well-being of our state’s future.

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