As summer winds down and school supplies start flying off the shelves, it is important to remember that there are still plenty of summer activities taking place throughout our community. Numerous county fairs have been going on across the state, providing entertainment, food, and an outlet for many of our youth to learn about agriculture through 4-H programs, and now it is Henry County’s turn.

Beginning on August 11th, the Henry County Fair will run until the 18th, giving locals and visitors alike the chance to see all that Henry County has to offer.

County fairs are a great way to explore our local communities. From delicious food to tractor pulls, the demolition derby, and livestock sales, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Many of our local fairs offer rides, live music, games, agriculture, animals, and many events that are family friendly and affordable. You will also be sure to notice the young leaders who are showing various projects at the fair.

These young people are 4-H participants. As you may already know, 4-H plays a significant role in our community. These kids complete various projects with guidance from adult mentors in a myriad of areas. Areas include STEM and agriculture, healthy living, and citizenship. Each of these programs foster leadership skills, hands-on activities, and empower new generations to engage in their local communities.

Additionally, 4-H participants have been taking local fairs and the world by storm. With clubs all over the United States, 4-H encompasses rural, urban, and suburban areas interested in making the world around them a better place. The students get the opportunity to learn from leaders in a variety of fields that serve as mentors to 4-H groups.

Our county fairs and 4-H groups provide an outlet for entertainment and fun. As summer, comes to a close, I hope you all finish the summer enjoying time with your family and friends at the county fair.

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